The Promised Land for Pan-Africans: Mother Africa


Sista Nyansa

For over four hundred years, African Americans have built, bled, worked, endured, and been denied access to land in the United States of America promised to them in 1865. We did not get the forty acres. Fast forward to now, due to the rising cost of living in comparison to earning potential, land ownership does not only seem out of reach, but may not be in the forefront of many of our brothers and sisters who are battling the ills of what we were taught would benefit us as a people--integration. Unfortunately, integration has not only yielded what we were told, but has further pushed us from land as well as home ownership and economic empowerment. But there is hope and opportunity for Pan-Africans on The Promised Land—Mother Africa.

I need to specify this is the move for Pan-Africans. In short, Pan-Africans believe that no matter where we (whether on the Continent or in the Diaspora), we are first and foremost Africans. There is a call, an urge, a spirit in us, that longs to be connected/re-connected with our brothers and sisters and the land of our people—the richest continent in natural resources in the world.

While no one will can rightfully dispute that diasporans in the United States of America, as well as other Euro-centric countries worldwide owe our people reparations, we do not have an additional four hundred years to waste our time. We have awesome opportunities to live, invest, and start businesses on our continent, and we need to take advantage of these opportunities. The time has come for us to take our $1.2 trillion as discussed by a report issued by Nielsen (in an article written by McGirt, 2018) and stop feeding the oppressive beasts that only seek to destroy us so that we can build up ourselves, our people, our future generations, and Mother Africa.


McGirt, E. (2018). Raceahead: A New Nielsen Report Puts Black Buying Power at $1.2 Trillion. Retrieved from

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