From Shelter In Place to Self-Education and Empowerment in Place!


Sista Nyansa

While the world is in the middle of the Corona Virus Pandemic, shelter in place orders have been issued. As a Pan-African, this is the perfect time to study, read, and research more about ourselves and how we can learn to collectively empower ourselves.

Consider ordering a book, or downloading e-books and/or audible books about the suggested topics as follows:

  • The life of a person of African descent you respect, or learning about a person of African descent of whom you are not familiar

  • Sustainable living practices

  • Minimalism

  • Investments (land, money, etc.)

These topics are only suggestions. I named these topics because they are in line with some of the future goals and dreams that I want to put into practice collectively with fellow Pan-Africans in the near future (for me, the next three to five years). Of course, you will want to think about a collective practice that you want to engage in with fellow Pan-Africans and learn more about the practice. Consider getting on a daily or weekly schedule. Perhaps keep a notebook or a journal to write down a goal and how we can benefit collectively.

Malcolm X practiced self-education while incarcerated. You know the rest. At least, I hope you do. If you do not, this is a great time for you to learn.

Let us continue to engage with the Sankofa Repatriation Assistance Program (SRAP) via Facebook, Blog Talk Radio, and YouTube. Check the links that follow, and stay connected to SRAP.

Sankofa Repatriation Assistance Program.

Sankofa Repatriation Assistance Program YouTube Channel.

Sankofa Repat Podcast.

Sankofa Repatriation Assistance Program Facebook Page.

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